Fabric Spreading Machine for Tubular fabric (TUBULAR)


  • Programming store.
  • Store all different parameters according to the fabric you spread (tension free system).
  • Allows to know the total meters spread per marker, day and week.
  • Allows to know the total mts/minute.
  • Allows to know the working time and wasting time.
  • You can easily know the daily and weekly productivity, and improve it.


  • Achieve maximum performance, Cosmotex spreader offers the flexibility for a wide variety of tubularr knit materials in roll or flat-folded form.
  • Reduce raw material costs, the spreading machine TUBULAR ensures tension-free spreading of material, provides accurate spread length, aligns material edges so parts can be nested closer to the ends and edges. The spreading machine TUBULAR optimizes material utilization.
  • Repeatability, the spreading machine TUBULAR insures more accurate cut pieces and lower rejection rate in the sewing room.
  • Friendly to use. the spreading machine  has motorized tubular feed. Touch screen with characters easy to learn easy to operate.
  • Easy maintenance and reliability: low ongoing costs of the spreading machine parts and maintenance labour. Spreading machine fitted with standard electronic parts that you can find easily in your local market.


  • Material Width: 120cm roll or folded fabric
  • Weight (max): 100 kg roll of folded fabric
  • Diameter: 60cm
  • Spread height zigzag with tubular device: 24cm.
  • Power supply: 1x220V 3x380V.
  • Production control software.
  • Tension free system with tension storage software.
  • Cradle with single conveyor belt.
  • Easy loading and unloading rolls, from floor at 1,40 mts from table 1,00 mts.
  • Edge side alignment by stretches different sizes. 
  • Automatic high detector sensor.
  • Automatic start checks control, when machine is switched on.
  • Digital touch screen and PLC.
  • Spreading machine security sensors emergency stop.
  • Spreading Tubular Fabric in roll or folded fabric
  • Able to spread two markers at the same time.