Fabric Spreading machines

Fabric Spreading Machines for rolls up to 125Kg (APOLO SMART) Spreader for Apparel Fabric spreading machine model APOLO-SMART cloth automatic spreading machine for rolls up to 100Kg. Cloth spreading machines to spread any kind of fabric without tension and edges are perfectly aligned. Fabric spreader for fashion apparel, furniture, car industry and technical textiles.
Fabric Spreading Machines for rolls up to 300Kg (APOLO 300) Spreader for Heavy Rolls Fabric spreading machine model APOLO-300/500 automatic cloth spreading machine spreads rolls weighing up to 300Kg and 500Kg. Fabric spreaders for heavy rolls for technical materials, jeans producers, and so on...
Fabric Spreading Machines for fabric rolls up to 3,5mts wide. HOME TEXTILE Spreader for Home Textile Fabric spreader APOLO HOME automatic spreading machine for large size rolls. Spreading machines to spread large rolls, spreacial for home textile producers. Fabric spreaders for rolls from 2,50 to 3,5 mts working width.
Fabric Spreading Machine for Tubular fabric (TUBULAR) Spreader for Tubular Fabric spreading machines model TUBULAR 100 spreading machines. Tubular spreading machine, is an automatic cloth spreading machine designed to spread tubular knit fabric in face-to-face from either flat-folded bundles or rolled goods. Fabric spreader for tubular full automatic and programmable.
Fabric Spreading Machine with Automatic Turn Turret (APOLO TT) Spreader Turn Turret Fabric spreading machine APOLO TT automatic turntable spreading machine. Cloth spreding machine equipped with an automatic turntable for automatic unwinding, winding and positioning oaf material. Fabric spreaders ideal to spreading napped farbics (flannel, camel's hair, and so on...) or pile farics (velvet, corduroy, and so on...).
Cutting Tables: Smooth, with Air Flotation and Automatic Conveyor System Cutting Tables SPREADING TABLES, fabric spreading machine smooth tables, spreading machine air blowing tables and spreading machines conveyour tables, with iron side rails and reinforced structure.