Carrousel screen printing machine model VULCANO


  • Sequential starter and stop of the machine
  • Selection of the number of printing heads to use
  • Program of double printing
  • Programming of the squeegee number
  • Selection of the flood types (normal, inverted, final)
  • Manual/automatic operation mode
  • Counting of the printed pieces
  • Fault detection system


  • VULCANO screen printing press is the last generation of Cosmotex automatic screen printing machines or automatic textile press machines, compact, fast, strong and multifunctional. VULCANO is an automatic screen printing machine or automatic textile press machine, can print on all kind of substrates (t-shirts, caps, bags, trousers, umbrellas, ...) and materials (cotton, nylon, PVC, paper, etc). The automatic textile press machine VULCANO stands out among all the existing automatic screen printing machines of its size, mainly due to two differentiating characteristics: double lifting of pallets for an easy screen cleaning, and a great solidity which prevents from any vibration. The automatic textile press machine VULCANO, is also very easy to use and highly precise, assuring many years of production without upsets. VULCANO is an automatic textile machine very flexible comparing other automatic textile printing machines in the market.


  • Independent programming of printing heads: number of strokes, pause time, progressive start and stop, sample printing, multiple garment skip function.
  • High precision registration micrometric system.
  • Self-aligning and inclination adjustable squeegees.
  • Squeegee pressure regulation.
  • Front and rear stroke length regulation.
  • Stroke speed regulation.
  • Double turn possibility.
  • Central top off-contact regulation..
  • Central pallet lifting system.
  • Easy pallet replacement, no tools needed.
  • Removable micrometrics for pre-drying units placement under printing heads.
  • Pre-installation for pre-drying units.
  • Flash cure switch.
  • COSMOTEX software.
  • From 6 to 18 colors.