Manual Ironing Machines


  • Steaming plate mesures up to 3000x1000mm.
  • Three working places at the same time.
  • Built in steam generator optional.

TV: ensures your garments quality ironing and dryting your garments.

  • Achieve maximum performance, Cosmotex ironing machine offers the flexibility for a wide variety of applications to iron any kind of knit wear. TVCON is able for ironing from simple T-shirt to high quality sweaters.
  • Comfortable to use: easy to learn and easy to operate for two or three operators which can iron two or three pieces at the same time. 
  • Easy Maintenance and reliability: low ongoing costs for parts and maintenance labour. Machine fitted with standard electronic parts that you can find easily in your local market.
  • Quality: steam pressure, constantly steaming your clothes making the fabric softer and far easier to smooth than with a traditional iron. 


PTV: Model TV with PRESS

  • Working surface of large dimensions: Dimensions from 1800x800mm to 3000x1000mm. All the models have a steam chambers to guarantee an optimum thermal exchange and ensure the uniformity and quicker spread of the steam along the plate surface (as opposed toolder type system which run steam through coiled tubes or the models with electrical resistances as used by other machine producers).
  • Steam extracting cabin optional (see below image).