Garment dyeing machine for 800kg

  • COSMODYE system developed by COSMOTEX engineers is a result of continuous research and large experience. With COSMODYE system you can achieve a drastically consume reduction in water, salt / alkali and chemicals in the dying process. Consequently, the range of dyes COSMOTEX COSMODYE equipped, reduces the liquor ratio for dyeing process at 1:3, comparing with traditional system liquor ratio 1:10 . With COSMODYE you achieve important savings with better garment finishing quality, respecting the environment.



  • Automatic garment dyeing machines. It can be equipped with the COSMODY SYSTEM which drastically reduce water consumption and chemicals in the dyeing process. Reduces the liquor ratio to 1:3 (dry garment). It also warranties the repetitively of the process. For best for garment dyeing process it can be adapted a colour kitchen manual or automatically controlled by PLC. Also fixed or removable compartments.


  • Cosmotex large capacity garmend dyeing machines are equipped with microprocessor Telemecanique, and digital colour touch screen control panel. Cosmotex software for garment dyeing machines woks to optimise the machine’s functions and permits all operations controlling as automatic control of the bath, time of cycle, temperature, inversion time, rotation speed and enables the programming of larger number of automatic recipes. Ethernet network connections are possible to control from main computer in the office.



  • Capacity: 814kg
  • Drum Volume: 8140liters
  • Drum Diameter: 2.400mm
  • Drum Depth: 1.800mm
  • Door Diameter: 1.250mm
  • Drum Stainless Steel
  • Case Stainless Steel
  • Front Face Stainless Steel
  • Speed: 0-35 rpm
  • Inverter: Included
  • Inverting drum: Included
  • Adjustable inverting time: Included
  • Liter counter: Included
  • Temperature control: Included
  • PT-100 temperature sensor: Included
  • Time control: Included
  • Motor power: 22 kW
  • Software, PLC, Touch screen: Optional
  • Temperature gradient for dyeing: Optinoal
  • Cold and hot water mixture: Optional
  • Indirect steaming system for dyeing: Optional
  • Compartments for dyeing: Optional
  • Automatic chemical dispenser: Optional
  • Automatic pneumatic door: Included
  • Cosmodye system: Included
  • Hydraulic unloading: Included
  • Hydraulic power system 1,8 kW
  • Widht: 3.300mm
  • Depth: 3.500mm
  • Height: 3.250mm