Company Profile

COSMOTEX is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing and marketing textile finishing and cutting room machinery. It was founded in 1991 but with a tradition in the textile industry since 1963. Our factory is located 100km from Barcelona, in Cornella del Terri (Catalunya) Spain. We have a sales subsidiary in Blumenau (Brazil) from 1998, and sales offices in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Xina, Russia, Bangladesh, and an extensive network of commercial distributors worldwide.

In our factory in Spain, we manufacture different product lines:

  1. Spreading machines, band knife and cutting tables.
  2. Washing and dyeing machines for garments and pieces, industrial dryers and hidroextractors.
  3. Carrousel machines for textile printing, oval screen printing machines, lineal machines, drying ovens and intermediate flash unit.
  4. Manual and automatic ironing machines and topper.
  5. Transfer printing machines


 COMPANY DETAILS:Coll-Loras S.A (Cosmotex)Poligon Industrial Pont Xetmar C/B Nº 11-13 / 17844-Cornella de Terri Tel: +34972595068 / Fax: +34972595069  /


The COSMOTEX is the business collaboration result of the three companies with large experience on the textile industry. COLL-LORAS.S.A (COSMOTEX), CM.PANNON.S.L (PANNON) and JAFLO.S.L (AUTEX).

1963, Mr. Joan Coll started to work as managing director in the company specializing in manufacturing and commercialization equipments for the textile industry called CELSO.S.A.
1973, Mr. Miquel Xarles started a company specializing in spreading and cutting machines for textile industry company called JAFLO.S:L under trademark AUTEX.
1991, Mr. Joan Coll started his own company called COLL-LORAS. S. A (COSMOTEX), which started the commercialization of washing and ironing machines under trademark COSMOTEX.
1998, COSMOTEX open the subsidiary company abroad in Brazil called Auccon do Brazil Ltd.
2000, COSMOETX open a commercial office in Ecuador.
2001, COSMOTEX open a commercial office in Peru.
2002, COSMOTEX open a commercial office in Shangai.
2006, COSMOTEX acquires actives of JAFLO.SL (AUTEX) and starts manufacturing the spreading and cutting machines under trademark COSMOTEX.
2009, COSMOTEX and PANNON, start business collaboration for manufacturing and commercialization. Both companies synergism has created stronger team better prepared for the global changes and challenges in the textile industry.
2010, COSMOTEX incorporates the whole manufacture of screen printing products.
2012, COSMOTEX open a commercial office in Bangladesh.
2014, COSMOTEX launch the new model of Spreading Machine.