Oval Screen Printing Machine Barcelona


  • Best machine for large printing pieces. Best accessibility for pieces location, process supervision and pallets and screen cleaning. 
  • Squeegee pressure, speed and inclination are constant and controlled by the machine
  • Printing accuracy up to 0,05mm
  • Less cost level (high productivity machine with only 3 to 5 operators). 
  • Repetitively (regularity), same quality of printing neither depending nor printing difficulty, printing size, number of pieces to be done. 
  • Excellent for specific works as  FULL PRINT.


  • PALLET AUTOMATIC LEVELLING SYSTEM, in height and horizontal. It permits to print several levels very accurate. 
  • PRODUCTON MANAGEMENT SOFWARE: it assures the repeatability of the process.
  • SUPERVISION: SINGLE OPERATOR walking for central machine corridor, can check both sides pallets. Easy mistake detection with fast machine stop, which permits to reduce 80% the damaged items.  
  • PIECE PLACEMENT:  fast, wrinkle free and easy piece placement with two operators. With less than 3 seconds you can locate 1,00mts x 1,20mts piece. 
  • DOUBLE ANCHORAGE: pallets anchorage by two positions while the printing process avoiding any vibration and assuring precision of +- 0,02mm
  • OPERATOR ACCESSIBILITY INSIDE THE MACHINE: easy and fast materials accessibility inside the machine, as inks, garments, screens, and so on.  Decrease the preparation time.
  • EASY CLEANING THE SCREENS: 40cm height the printing heads for easy operators accessibility. Prevents operator fatigue and improve the productivity. 


  • Highly versatile. Each printing head is completely independent and can be individually programmed. 
  • Electric squeegee run. Provides greater uniformity and sharpness.
  • Off-contact regulation.
  • Easy programming and program store with the digital touch screen.
  • Pallet automatic levelling system: pallets are automatically identically levelled in height and in horizontal achieving a perfect printing accuracy +- 0,05mm. 
  • The working pressure of each squeegee can be adjusted independently.
  • Self-aligning and tilt-adjustable squeegees.
  • Digital control of squeegee speed: from 0.15 to 1.5 m/sec.
  • Double centring device located on each head for greater fitting precision.
  • Extremely accurate micrometric system that facilitates design changes and fitting.
  • Innovative system of pallets free, easy to change in seconds without tools.
  • Easy cleaning the screens: 400mm height the printing heads for easy operators accessibility. Prevents operator fatigue and improve the productivity. 
  • Intermediate areas for pre-drying.
  • Pallets sizes from 70x90cm to 110x160cm. Higher measures under requirement.