Drying Tunnel for textil printing


  • Cosmotex drying tunnel is an electric drying tunnel of great possibilities, as it is available in several sizes, for a better adaptation to specific needs of the screen printer. Its drying system is based on infrared panels with high and controlled temperature. Furthermore, Cosmotex drying tunnel has air recirculation and power regulation, which is particularly relevant compared to other existing tunnels in the market, as it performs great efficiency and versatility, being adequate for any kind of inks (plastisol, water-based, pigments, etc...) and substrates.
  • Drying modules: 1,2 or 3 (each 1,5m)
  • Cooling module: optional
  • Effective drying length: 1,5m (1modules) 3,0m (2modules) 4,5m (3modules)
  • Power for tunnel  drying width 80cm: 12kw (1module) 23kw (2modules) 34kw (3modules)
  • Power for tunnel drying width: 125cm: 20kw (1moudle) 39kw (2modules) 57kw (3moudles)


  • Centralised digital control panel integrated in the drying tunnel structure.
  • Electronic control of the tunnel temperature and of the power consumption of the heating modules located throughout the tunnel ensures optimum drying with minimum consumption, resulting in considerable savings.
  • Electronic conveyor-belt safety system controls the temperature inside the tunnel and causes the belt to turn when the temperature reaches a specific pre-set level.
  • Electronic control of conveyor-belt speed, between 0.75 and 6 m/min.
  • Fibreglass conveyor-belt with lateral reinforcement.
  • Air recirculation within the tunnel ensures an even temperature throughout the interior increasing drying effectiveness.
  • Integrated solvent extraction.
  • Drying with stainless steel tubular infrared-emitting elements.
  • Adjustable heating units make it possible to regulate the distance between garments and heating elements, optimising drying performance and energy consumption.
  • Cooling module at end of tunnel provides thermal stabilisation (depending on model)
  • Modular structure makes it easy to move and add extensions.