Cutting Tables: Smooth, with Air Flotation and Automatic Conveyor System


  • Cosmotex table fabric spreader it is available with and without air flotation and with melamine top painted surface.
  • Cutting table it can be also with conveyour belt for automatic marker transportation.
  • Iron running rails in each side of the structure for smooth machine movement.
  • Spreading machine running rails and operator platform rails are specially designed with pre-chilled holes for easy mounting on the table using only few screws.
  • Spreading table designed in different widths according to spreader working width.
  • Sectioned in standard modules of 150 cm.
  • Extra reinforcement’s in each leg available.
  • Very fast and easy to mount as table legs it comes already assembled.


  • Blower recommendation:
  • For light weight material 1 blower per 10-12 meters
  • For heavy weight material: 1 blower per 6-7 meters