Band Knife machine


  • The COSMO-120 is an impressive machine that transforms complex cutting procedures into a simple, effective process with the minimum of fuss. With the COSMO-120's impressive range of features and abilities you will be able to cut any kinf of fabric with best accuracy.  With free vibrations the machine itself ensures high quality work.

Optional for COSMO-120:

  • Optional inverter for speed variation. Adjustable speed from 400 to 2000 rpm, allows cutting all types of fabrics.
  • Optional double speed motor, allows change speed of the knife at 8 mts / seg et a 16 mts/seg.
  • Optional machine displacement wheels.
  • Optional air blowing table with 6 cm wood made air chamber and 160 valves. Turbine pressure of 1/3 CV. 



  • Three wheels band knife cutting machine.
  • Band knife cutting machine with a standard version continuous belt.
  • Band knife cutting machine structure made with metal wide 3mm, strong stability with free vibrations.
  • Regulation of the height blade protection through mechanic wheel.
  • Knife wheels diameter 39 cm,  3 cm wide. it gives stronger contact between wheel-blade, having plus stability and strength while cutting proces, and avoinding the slippery surface if working with silicon.
  • Built-in sharpener visible for the operator.
  • Available in 220V or 380V.
  • Cutting height 30 cm.
  • Smooth or air blowing table 120cm x 230cm.